Clean & Science is an environmentally friendly company that emphasizes the significance of human and environmental values,
providing advanced materials and filtration products via continuous technological development.

Clean & science has made a steady growth in filter media and the filter products based on the accumulated technology and rational management experience of 50 years.
In addition, we are making constant efforts to become a constant development of new technologies and R & D investment and the addition of a leading eco-friendly company for future growth.
Clean and Science is committed to the happiness and safety of future generations through the active development of new technologies and R & D investment should proceed simultaneously with eco-friendly materials developed to maximize the technology value.

The filter paper sector has been working diligently for a win-win for our customers through continuous cost reduction in law material and filter products sector has been working to establish its presence in the global market through aggressive marketing.

In addition, according to the social needs that are environmentally sound, future business sector has been promoting the growth of the enterprise through the development of eco-friendly materials and environmentally friendly materials based on state-of-the-art precision technology and experience.
Thank you for your consistent attention and affection on behalf of all the employees working for company value growth and Clean & Science will keep challenging to become a world-class company with a passion and a challenge as eco-friendly companies.



Clean & Science Co., Ltd.

Clean & Science Co., Ltd.
Alex Kwag
March 1973
Registered KOSDAQ
December 1st, 2000
Head quarters / Jeong-eup Plant / Hanam Plant / Overseas Subsidiaries (USA, China, Thailand) / Overseas Branch (Japan) / Research Institute
#1, 903 Samsung-Dong, 511 Trading Center Building, Yeongdong -daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul-Si, Korea, 135729
Major business
1. Filter products: home appliance filter / automobile cabin filter / air conditioning filter / gas turbine filter, etc.
2. Filter paper: Automotive filter paper / Industrial filter paper / Specialty filter paper
3. Melt Blown: Air purifier / Air conditioning / Vacuum cleaner / Water treatment / Mask / Cabin air
4. Electrostatic nonwoven: For masks / Cabin air
5. Carbon media: Air purifier / cabin air / air conditioning, etc.
6. Management consulting