Clean & Science is an environmentally friendly company that emphasizes the significance of human and environmental values, 

providing advanced materials and filtration products via continuous technological development.

Company Introduction:

Clean & Science, which has been growing since its establishment in 1973, produces everything from advanced materials to finished filters through the continuous development of new technologies.

Main Business:

Clean & Science’s main businesses are filtration products, filter paper, meltblown electrostatic nonwovens, and carbon media products.

Corporate Vision:

Clean & Science envisions technological advancement, environmentally responsible strategies, and future creation in accordance with its core values of enthusiasm and trust.

Clean & Science’s
eco-friendly advanced materials

Developing advanced media materials and producing filtration products

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Why Choose Clean&Science?

Test Equipment

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The Technology Research Institute of Clean & Science possesses world-class independent technology in the field of filter materials (filter paper, meltblown, thermal bond, needle punch, etc.) utilized in internal combustion engines, industrial, air conditioning, home appliance, and mask filters. To explore Clean & Science’s future growth potential, the company is committed to developing functional (deodorizing, flame-retardant, antibacterial, and anti-allergenic, etc.) and eco-friendly filter materials and generating new businesses beyond the initial aim of dust removal.

C&S Filter

Check out Clean & Science’s advanced filter materials.

KLARING Yellow Dust Prevention Masks

Clean & Science’s Yellow Dust Prevention Masks are made with domestically produced
filtration media directly manufactured by the company.

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