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Legal Terms and conditions

Welcome to the home page of Clean & Science.
Here are some legal terms and conditions for the user pertaining to the use of the Clean & Science website. Please read these terms carefully in order to prevent misuse of the site


The website of Clean & Science is a valued asset of Clean & Science. Thus, it is exclusively owned by Clean & Science, and the copyright on the entire entity of Clean & Science belongs to the Clean & Science.
All of the services, materials, and information that are provided by the Clean & Science website are for non-commercial, personal use only. Therefore, the service, data and information (hereinafter referred to as “information”) such as text, pictures, audio, video, downloaded files, links and source code, etc. that are from the website cannot be downloaded, edited, distributed, or in any other manner for the purpose of commercial or public use.

Legal Disclaimer

Please keep in mind that the data or representation provided by the home page of Clean & Science may contain errors. Home page of Clean & Science does not guarantee accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the service and information on this website or other websites that are related to this website.
Thus, please do not rely on the materials or data entirely unless we guarantee this to you in writing. Especially, please refrain from utilizing the website services of Clean & Science directly for the use of transactions such as sales, trade, or purchase that involves particular persons or company’s interest.
In addition, the Clean & Science website is not responsible at any rate for the direct, indirect, incidental, special, or expansion damages that are caused by the information or data on this website.

About Clean & Science

Each of the overseas branches of the Clean & Science is separate, independent entities.
Thus, Clean & Science is unable to handle the service or process on behalf of any foreign branches. Clean & Science is not legally responsible for foreign branches with the exception of the cases confirmed in writing.
This site does not provide the basis that can cause a third party lawsuit against one company to expand to another company or let collectivization, but to provide information for your convenience.

Ban theft of Clean & Science brand

As a principle, Clean & Science brand (company name, trademark) can be used only by the branches, whose management right is owned by Clean & Science.

Fraud(Theft)  of Clean & Science brand either online or offline is strictly forbidden. Disciplinary sanctions can be made to the fraud company on the basis of ① Article 23 of the Commercial Code (forbidden to use company name that can mislead the subject), ②Article 65 of Trademark Law (prohibition claim on copyright infringement), and ③ Article 4 of Unfair Competition Prevention Law (prohibition claims for unfair competition act). Any outside third party company who uses Clean & Science symbol becomes a subject to sanctions, thus it is prohibited at any rate.

Responsibility for the links

Clean & Science website offers a wide variety of links based on its own standard. Website links are provided for the customers’ information acquisition and convenience. However, Clean & Science homepage neither holds any legal responsibility pertaining to the linked sites, nor guarantees the reliability of these websites.

Ban random collection of email address (Spam Policy)

We ban unauthorized collection of email addresses published on this website either through e-mail collection programs or any other technical device. Please keep in mind that if you violate it, you will be criminally charged according to the Information Network Act.

Changing terms and conditions

All users of the service that are provided by Clean & Science website after this terms and conditions were notified shall be deemed to be in agreement to these terms and conditions.

According to the internet industry-accepted norms and practices, Clean & Science home page has the right and privilege to notify the reason for changing detailed items that are stated on these terms and condition with adequate time to share, or to change from time to time appropriately without prior notification.
Thus, users themselves have to periodically review the details of legal terms & use and terms & conditions in order for them to be aware of the changes.

The above legal terms and conditions is enforced on April 1, 2014.