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Clean & Science

Clean & Science holds the world-class exclusive technology in the filtration paper field for automotive and internal combustion engine use, and in the media field of air purifier, cabin filter, mask use, electrostatic melt-blown by training/cultivating specialized research & development professionals and continuous investing in research equipment.

Clean & Science promises to do our best to achieve customers satisfaction by equipping systems of consistent research, production, and quality management from the filtration media to finished filter products to actively meet the needs of customers’ request/demands.

* Research Institute Established : 1996 (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
* Research personnel : 15 Researchers (as of 08/31/2014)
* R&D Equipment :  
Pilot Wet-Laid MC (width 700 mm, 2-layer), Cabin Filter Tester (particle, gas), GC / MSD
HEPA Filter Tester (1200mm, 610 mm), Particle Counter, Pore Size Analyzer, Multi-Pass Tester including 40 other equipment (Total equipment cost of $5 Million)
* R&D Responsibilities
- Development of industrial Wet-laid materials for the internal combustion engine (for Air, Oil and Fuel)
- Development of an electrostatic filter (Air Purifier, Cabin and Mask) with Melt blown
- Development of Functional Nonwoven (Thermal bond and Needle punch) filter material
- Development of Wet-laid with Nonwoven (Melt blown, Thermal bond and Needle punch) composite
- Development of manufacturing technology for finished filter
- Development of electromagnetic shielding and thermal conductivity material
- Perform Government Projects

Certification Description

  • certification_25The certification or certification system that is mentioned here is used for extensive term of conformity assessment for international standard conformity, etc. which is performed by the Korea Accreditation Board (KAB).
    Conformity assessment means substantiating whether or not a product, process, system, person or agency meets the requirements and regulations. Testing, inspection, product certification, management system certification, qualified certification, etc. are included in that field.
  • certification_18KMAR is certification system that is conducted by Korea Management Association Registration Inc. (KMAR), and it evaluates and certifies independently/objectively whether the management system of an enterprise complies with the requirements of the international standard properly by managing the organization’s related resources effectively/efficiently and improve continuously through the establishment of ISO certification system.
  • certification_20This system is to evaluate whether the manufacturer has the ability to produce the end product that meets the requirements of UL by testing and evaluating the appropriate UL standard requirements. In general, the manufacturer substantiates this by proving the ability to produce a final product according to UL’s safety requirements.
  • certification_22National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) is a non-profit trade association. Aiming for integrity and professionalism of air filtration products, NAFA consists of the companies with the highest standards.
    To become a member of NAFA, the enterprise has to pass the qualification for expertise of air filtration, manufacturing method, and testing for a wide range of air filtration applications.