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CEO Message

We will continue to write new history with leap and growth.


CEO Alex Kwag

Clean & science has made a steady growth in filter media and the filter products based on the accumulated technology and rational management experience of 40 years.
In addition, we are making constant efforts to become a constant development of new technologies and R & D investment and the addition of a leading eco-friendly company for future growth.
Clean and Science is committed to the happiness and safety of future generations through the active development of new technologies and R & D investment should proceed simultaneously with eco-friendly materials developed to maximize the technology value.
The filter paper sector has been working diligently for a win-win for our customers through continuous cost reduction in law material and filter products sector has been working to establish its presence in the global market through aggressive marketing.
In addition, according to the social needs that are environmentally sound, future business sector has been promoting the growth of the enterprise through the development of eco-friendly materials and environmentally friendly materials based on state-of-the-art precision technology and experience.
Thank you for your consistent attention and affection on behalf of all the employees working for company value growth and Clean & Science will keep challenging to become a world-class company with a passion and a challenge as eco-friendly companies.

Managing Director


For more than 40 years, we have specialized in automotive and industrial filtration media.
As a result, we eventually could become a leading company with excellent quality and customer service.
Moreover, we gained the trust from our customers in our new business area such as completed HVAC(Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) filters.The goal of our sales department is to expand our sales volume constantly in Europe, North / South America markets as well as Asia market.
With superb sales staffs, we are aiming at an environment-friendly company with our valuable customers.


Managing Director


Filter products sector reflects the diverse needs of our customers to meet the global trend as the interest of the environment and health is growing to meet the global trends that highlight the importance of filter

We will try our best to contribute to environmental industry development through a variety of filters and air conditioning filters for industrial and automotive filters through high performance air filters, including filters for a variety of consumer electronics cleaner, high performance, clean room filters, etc.

Production Director


As a supplier, The most important thing is the products quality and technology.
Based on 40 years experience and technology, Clean&Science grew up as a leading company in filtration media field in Korea.
For the 2nd growth phase, we are ready to challenge our technology limitations.
With ceaseless efforts and activities, we promise that we will do our utmost for customer satisfaction

Administration Div. General Manager


Despite the tough global economic circumstances, C&S has achieved sustainable growth continuously with advanced technology and the efforts of all employees. Administration Division is commitment to support that C&S have to obtain business performance and growth in company’s value through ongoing cost-cutting efforts, process improvement and the aggressive marketing for new market.

Research Center General Manager


The laboratory has secured a worldwide unique technology in the automotive and internal combustion engine filter paper industry. Furthermore, our lab has strived to develop new products with high performance, long-life span and high efficiency through the continuous investment and research. C&S promise that we are committed to strive for optimal product development to meet our customers’ satisfaction.