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  • 자동차용

    Manufacturing cabin filter and filtration media for air, oil, and fuel

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  • 가전용

    Manufacturing filter and filtration media for air purifier, air conditioner, and vacuum cleaner

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  • 산업용

    Power plants, communication facilities ,Filter media / Filter Manufacturer

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  • others

    Wet-laid with a function, such as electromagnetic shielding, conductivity, heat dissipation, insulation, chemical resistance Manufacturing

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  • trading

    Pioneering customized products and future new media

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  • thumbCarbon Media

    The absorption media of gaseous matter using activated carbon fiber and activated carbon. The absorption capacity of harmful gas and the duration of this media has improved by impregnating activated carbon with inorganic metal or organic compounds.

  • thumbComposite

    This is a media that has improved its high efficiency and long life by laminating Melt blown and Paper.

  • thumbFilter Paper

    Filtration media that are used for internal combustion engines and industrial filter use.

  • thumbMelt-Blown

    Consisting of polypropylene (pp) and polyethyleneterephthalate (pet), this media has low differential pressure, high efficiency, and long life.

  • thumbNonwoven

    This media is made by bonding or tangling the fiber with thermal adhesive or chemical agents, or by machine operation.


  • thumbCabin

    Provides comfort to the occupant by improving the quality of air that flows into the cabin.

  • thumbAir Purifier

    Used for air purifier to filter residential indoor air. Less noise and low energy consumption are the benefits.

  • thumbVacuum cleaner

    By applying the high efficiency, anti-bacterial filter, harmful bacteria and particles are sucked into the vacuum cleaner and prevented from escaping.

  • thumbAir Conditioner

    Improve the quality of indoor air by installing the media to the air conditioner. (HEPA and Medium media applied.)

  • thumbClean room and HVAC

    Mainly used for the manufacturing processes of semiconductors, LCD's, and pharmaceuticals.

  • thumbPower Plant

    Characterized by no change of properties of the media, low initial pressure loss, and moisture-resistance.